Wednesday October 4th

A fun day at Bangor yesterday with two 2nds!!!

‘Red Hot Chilly’ cruised through the race to end with a head to head battle which he only just lost. It was another brilliant consistent run to add to all of his runs this summer.

Owners Andrew and Sally in the paddock before the race with Paddy. They were joined by friends Russel and Liz who helped us scream him home.

‘Shows Over’ then followed up with a 2nd on his debut for us. We were delighted with him. He travelled and jumped well and was just beaten by a better horse on the day. We look forward to his next run.

A very proud Niko with ‘Shows Over’ under the 2nd spot.

…..and a very happy ‘Shows Over’ having a well deserved day off today.

Bill foylan came to see ‘De Name Evades Me’ this morning. We are looking forward to Cheltenham at the end of the month!!!

No runners until Monday so lots of jobs to do!!! Horses to Clip, names to pull, entries to make.

Thanks for reading.

Sally xx