Tuesday September 4th

A fun morning at the yard. Paddy was in to school more horses. We have lots moving on from Bumpers and Irish Point to Points and we want to give them plenty of practise so they are ready for action.

Paddy on ‘Coolanly’ who heads for the Persian War at the first Chepstow meeting.

Simon on ‘Paul’s Hill’ who is going chasing this season. He is an out and out chaser!!!

Connor on ‘Liosduin Bhearna’ who was mega impressive on his first morning in the school. He has been placed in 2 Irish Point to Points so we hoped he would have good technique and he sure did!!! He is owned by FOB4.

Connor giving ‘Soldier Of Love’ his first pop in the school. He hasn’t done much jumping at all and he showed a lovely attitude and technique.

Nia on ‘River of Intrigue’ who heads for Newton Abbot on Monday.

Thanks for reading.

Sally xx