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Fergal O’Brien – Trainer

About Fergal

Sally Randell – Assistant

After serving in the army for 6 years Sally embarked on a career in racing. She began training point to point horses in June 2010. Between 2010 and 2015 she trained many pointers and worked as assistant trainer to several trainers.

During this time she also had great success as an amateur jockey. Sally was the first lady in history to win the Grand Military Gold Cup in March 2009. She went on to win the Grand Military Gold Cup a total of three times including her 2014 win on ‘Bradley’ who was trained by none other than Fergal!

In 2015 Sally decided to apply for her own licence. She held her licence for the 2015/2016 season before she decided it was time to join forces with Fergal over at Naunton.


Kev Brown – Head Lad

David Killahena – Assistant Head Lad

Ally Stirling – Secretary

Emma Owen – VAT and Partnership Admin

Molly Sherring

Nia Kerslake

Dragos Oprea

Florian Neagoe


Paddy Brennan

Conor Brace – Conditional Jockey

Alain Cawley

Liam Harrison – Amateur Jockey

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