Saturday 1st September

I can not believe how time is flying this year and we are into September already!!!

We had a manic morning at the yard this morning. I left the yard at the same time as 1st lot pulled out and drove ‘Winter Lion’ and ‘Tangolan’ to Lambourn to do a sharp piece of work ready for their races in the coming 7-10 days. ‘Winter Lion’ is having a run on the flat next Sunday at York. He worked really well today and feels on top form for it. Nia rode ‘Tangolan’. He runs at Perth on the 10th and I was really happy with him too. They were really excited to be somewhere different for a change and it will hopefully put the pair spot on for those races we have planned.

Back at the FOB headquarters, fergal reported that the horses went well. Cake was flowing!!!

A few pics from the morning.

John and FOB3’s ‘Tashunka’ on the Left and Kaitlin on the Right on FOB4’s ‘Liosduin Bhearna’. They worked well together.

John riding FOB5’s ‘Blue Monday’ of which John has a share in. He is a lovely big horse who has been placed in Irish Point To Points.

Tori on the gorgeous ‘Mount Batur’ who is coming on really nicely. He has a small operation on his back last season and he has recovered really well.

Ally on ‘Aye Aye Charlie’ who went really well.

The whole of FOB6. They all met for the first time last night for dinner and stayed locally ready to come and see their lovely mare ‘Agent Valdez’ on the gallops this morning. From Left to Right- Karl, Pete, ‘Agent Valdez’, Simon, Noel, Pam and David.

No runners today but we have ‘King Muro’ running in the first race at Worcester tomorrow. Connor rides.

Thanks for reading.

Sally xx