Monday January 29th

A fun schooling morning this morning. The weather was nice too us too which isn’t happening very often at the moment!!

Some pics from the outdoor school which we are using as the ground is very bad outside at the moment!!

Connor on ‘Spoilt Rotten’

Alain on ‘De Name Evades Me’.

Birthday girl Lilly on the Cheltenham Bumper winner ‘Herecomestheboom’ who is being kept fresh for the festival Bumper.

Happy Birthday to our super girl Lilly Pinchin who is making her mark as a top amateur jockey. She is a very dedicated young lady and sure to go far!!!! Keep it up Lills.

Alain on ‘Barney Dwan’ who is serious form and just waiting for better ground. He has an entry at Musselburgh on Saturday.

Paddy on ‘Bells N Banjos’ who is also entered at Musselburgh on the weekend.

‘Imperial Eloquence’ taking a flyer with Connor!!!!!

No runners today or tomorrow but we have some exciting entries later in the week.

Thanks for reading.

Sally xx